The Seeker Wines

Kobrand Wine & Spirits asked us to come up with a unique way to engage attendees at the 2013 Aspen Food & Wine Festival. So we dressed eight brand ambassadors in authentic "Steam Punk" attire and unleashed them to seek adventure and engage with potential new customers at the festival. As they roamed the event, they offered target audience members the opportunity to taste a full glass of The Seeker Wine (different varieties available) in one of our 4 participating bars. Those savvy enough to agree were also given the chance to sign up to win an amazing adventure anywhere in the country with a leading national hot-air balloon company. Patrons also shot many pics and shared them out to their social media feeds under the brand's existing hashtag. Great visuals, incredible brand name recall, and delicious wine. The Seeker certainly found the right agency to bring their brand to life!