Since 2003, EMG3 has provided experiential solutions to some of the biggest and best companies in the world. By combining the art of live experiences with the science of both new and traditional media, EMG3 builds strong emotional connections between client brands and key audiences.

At EMG3, we believe that Every Moment Matters. From first impression to final post, each touch point informs the complex, critical relationships that underlie purchase decisions, customer affinity and other marketing outcomes. Today’s audiences crave engagement and demand attention, with consistency and authenticity, across media channels, when and where they choose to experience a brand. These defining moments happen on air and online, in print and through personal dialogue, on the street and in store. They happen everywhere. We work hard to be there when they do – because Every Moment Matters.



EMG3, like each of the TideSmart Global companies, operates from a unique, eco-friendly experiential campus just north of Portland, ME. Powered by onsite solar panels, warmed by radiant heat, irrigated by a water reclamation system and managed with sustainability in mind (zero sort recycling, paperless meetings, etc.), EMG3’s campus environment provides a powerful backdrop for principled people doing extraordinary things. Additional amenities – outdoor meeting spaces, an onsite fitness center, an electric-vehicle charging station, a BBQ pit and more – reward the best workers, thinkers and people in the industry.



EMG3 is part of TideSmart Global, a collective of experiential agencies that share a unique
eco-friendly campus.



Our approach allows strong senior-level involvement with every client and project.
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